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DIY Origami Diamond Garland


  • Plastic Canvas: #16 Needles 2pk for 7-Mesh Canvas (NP001)
  • Paper Pads: 6"x6" Foil Fancy Stack Packs x24 Asst B) Silver Foil on Black (SP229B)
  • Paper Pads: 6"x6" Foil Fancy Stack Packs x24 Asst D) Gold Foil on Kraft (SP229D)
  • Paper Craft Trims: 10m Glitter Poly-Braided Cord 2m x 5styles B) Glam (SR412B)

other materials

  • Scissors
  • Needle


  • Begin by selecting two square Foil Fancy sheets of your choice.
  • With the first square, fold/unfold the paper in two, once horizontally and once vertically.
  • Fold/unfold the paper, this time diagonally from corner to corner on both sides.
  • Now that you have the fold guidelines, fold the paper into a diamond shape, folding in all four sides.
  • Repeat steps 1-4 with the second square Foil Fancy sheet.
  • Interlock both completed shapes, using a "tab-into-slot" technique. Each shape has four tabs and four slots.
  • Tip: The last step is easier executed by aligning each of the tab/slot pairs one by one.